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Don’t Let Cold Weather Delay Important Energy Saving Home Upgrades


(StatePoint) Think you missed this year’s season to make energy efficient exterior upgrades? Many homeowners are reluctant to start exterior remodeling improvements in the cooler months because they worry about the potential to let in a draft during the installation process. In reality, this is one of the times of year you will most feel the impact of an upgrade to energy-efficient windows, doors and insulated siding, and the remodeling can be done with minimal impact on the comfort of your home.


Here are a few reasons not to delay:




Winter can be an ideal time to initiate upgrades. By taking care of your project now, you avoid the busier spring season. Plus, the sooner you make enhancements that increase efficiency and comfort, the sooner you can reap those benefits. Why let another winter pass you by feeling chilly in your home and paying for wasted energy?


Installation Process


Innovations in home remodeling are making year-round upgrades easier than ever. For example, Window World, America’s largest exterior remodeler, can use one-to-one window and door installation methods, meaning one unit is replaced at a time. By fully sealing the perimeter inside and out using caulk designed to withstand temperature extremes, installation professionals can minimize a home’s exposure to the elements during the replacement process.


Superior Products


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly 50 percent of a household’s annual energy consumption goes to heating and cooling. The right exterior updates can offer curb appeal while also keeping your home comfortable.


Today’s highly efficient window systems can provide substantial savings for your home. Check out new technologies, such as SolarZone Low-E Glass, which uses a microscopic, metallic coating on the interior surface of an insulating glass unit. This coating keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Such glass packages also include features like Argon gas between the glass lites, which has a low thermal conductivity and high density, making it an ideal insulating agent.


Another efficient enhancement you shouldn’t delay is insulated siding. It provides a thermal barrier between you and the outside elements, helping to lower energy bills throughout the year. In addition, the insulative backing improves durability, minimizing the appearance of common dings.


Lastly, entry doors can be beautiful, durable and high performing. For example, the fiberglass doors offered by Window World provide considerable insulating improvement over wood. While maintaining the aesthetic appeal of traditional doors, the long-lasting materials stand up to severe conditions to create an exceptional barrier to the outdoor elements.


Don’t wait until the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming to improve home comfort. Enjoy your home in winter and summer alike, with an environment that’s as comfortable and efficient as it is beautiful.


To learn more about energy efficiency and high-quality exterior products, visit




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3. Any buck of similar size to Mitch’s or Grandpa’s will be considered Eligible for the drawing. tie goes to the hunter.

4. One entry per person

5. A photo entry will only be accepted if it is posted in the appropriate place, between the 15th and 23rd of November.

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11. Other prizes from local retailers may be available at the time of the drawing on November 23, 2015.

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