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The Comedy Club


Brian Aldridge


Brian performs comedy with engaging energy and a wholesome likeability. His charm and vulnerability win over

audiences instantly. Using stimulating set-ups and blindsided punch lines, he keeps you guessing and laughing all night.

His material is witty and hits close to home for many.


Mike Moses


Mike Moses derives his unique brand of humor from his life experiences as divorced father with full custody of three

teenage children. He tells the perils of handling teenage anguish, puberty, grades, and fashion. Mike shows his

frustration in finding suitable women to date. Mike talks about coming from Gary IN (former murder Capitol of the

World) how he ran from gangs and fights but witnessed the tongue lashings his mother dealt to his almost absent

father. Mike is one of the few black comics that claims he isn't black.

Upcoming Shows:


February 17th & 18th

March 17th & 18th


$10.00 per ticket in advance

$15.00 per ticket  at the door

$7.00 per ticket for all shows in advance.

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