Official Eagle Country Trivia Rules:  2020


1. Anyone playing trivia agrees to the following rules:  all teams must register an official team name, captain, phone number, mailing address and email address and number of players by emailing the information to


2. Business names will not be allowed as an official team name with the exception of Eagle Country Trivia sponsoring businesses.  Any business wanting their name as a team name must purchase an Eagle Country Trivia sponsor package. You may request sponsorship, by dialing 906-353-9287 Monday through Friday during regular business hours (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m EST).


3. Each team is allowed one answer to each question asked.  More than one call from a team for a question will result in a disqualification for that question.  Teams may call in to the following numbers. 353-9287, or our studio lines at 353-1057.  Calls may be used on the air and may be used in trivia promotional advertising.


4. The trivia question will be aired after the category sponsor advertisement. A song will play. When the song ends, all team calls are terminated.

Points are assigned for each week to each category; week one is worth one point per question for a total of fifteen points, week two is worth two points per question for a total of 30 points.  And so on with points increasing to week fifteen where each question is worth 15 points for a total of 225 points. Total points for all questions equals 1800.  Bonus points during the fifteen weeks of trivia can be earned by supplying a photo during a “Bonus Theme Week”.   For Example:  Week

5 might be a “Weird Hat” bonus week where an additional “5” points can be earned when a registered team takes a photo of their team and emails it to before noon on Wednesday of the next trivia show.  Each bonus week points that are awarded count toward the final total for the season and can be the difference in your teams standings.  Eagle Radio has the right to use your bonus week photo for promotional purposes.  In case of an overall tie between two or more teams, there will be a tie breaker round at the award party.


5. Answers are researched and supported by two official sources where possible.  Any challenge to official answers must be in writing before noon of the next week’s trivia program by U.S. Mail to Eagle Country Trivia, PO Box 550, Baraga, MI   49908, by fax, 906-353-9200, or by e-mail to  Please note, no phone calls will be taken for challenges at any time.  If a phone call is placed for a challenge the challenge will not be honored and you will be disqualified for the question.


6. All decisions of the WCUP 105.7 Eagle Country Trivia judges are final.


7. Employees of WCUP 105.7 and their immediate family are ineligible.


8. Cash prizes will be determined by the number of business sponsors before the end of trivia on April 17, 2019.  Other merchandise or gift certificate prizes may be available based on business participation.  NOW, Let’s play Eagle Country Trivia!